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Document Preparation

At iPride Notary and Apostille Services, we take pride in offering professional and efficient document preparation services tailored to meet your needs. Discover our wide range of document preparation services that tailored to your needs.

Medical or Financial Power of Attorney

iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7 will prepare a comprehensive Power of Attorney document with that enables a trusted individual to manage your healthcare and or financial affairs if you become unable to do so yourself. This essential document is crafted to reflect your wishes and provide peace of mind regarding your future care and financial integrity.

Service Rate: $250 per document (notary and traveling fees are included)

Special Power of Attorney

At iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7, we create a Special Power of Attorney document to authorize someone to act on your behalf for specific financial, legal, or real estate transactions. Tailored to meet your unique requirements, this service ensures that your designated agent can legally perform actions within the parameters you set.

Service Rate: $200 per document (notary and traveling fees are included)

Living Wills

iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7 will Draft a Living Will to articulate your wishes concerning medical treatments and end-of-life care. This service helps ensure that your healthcare preferences are respected and adhered to, even when you cannot communicate them yourself.

Service Rate: $275 per document (notary and traveling fees are included)

Grant, Bargain, Sale Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Death Upon Death, Deed Corrections

Our deed preparation service at iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7 offers comprehensive assistance with all legal documentation required for transferring real estate ownership. Whether it’s transferring ownership to and from a trust, adding or removing a spouse, correcting the vested name, or other real estate transfer needs, we provide expert support. We have a deep understanding of real property transfer tax exemptions and work closely with county recorders to ensure a smooth recording process without the risk of rejections. Our service includes the preparation, notarization, and recording of all necessary documents.

Please note, while iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7 excels in document handling and procedural aspects of real estate transactions, we are not authorized to provide legal advice. For questions regarding vesting or other legal issues related to your real estate transactions, we recommend consulting with an attorney.

Service Rate: $350, (includes preparation, notarization and recording of Deed and Homestead)

Please note that this fee does not include any Property Transfer Tax assessed by Clark County. Additionally, if you choose to pay by card, a 4% convenience fee will apply.

Joint Petition for Divorce

Facilitate a smoother and faster divorce process with a Joint Petition for Divorce from iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7. This service is ideal for couples who have agreed on all terms of their separation and wish to finalize their divorce amicably. Our expertise ensures that all paperwork is accurately prepared and filed, paving the way for a straightforward resolution.

Service Rate: $775 (includes all court filing fees and notarizations)

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

At iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7, we help you establish a Revocable and or Irrevocable trusts to manage your assets, protect your estate, and ensure an efficient transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries. Whether you need the flexibility of a revocable trust or the security of an irrevocable trust, our personalized service guides you through each step, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind.

Service Rate: $400 per document (notary and traveling fees are included)

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