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Where Can I Pick Up an Apostille?

Navigating the process of obtaining an apostille can be confusing, but we are here to help. If you’re wondering where you can pick up an apostille, this guide is for you. In the United States, apostilles can be issued by designated competent authorities, typically state-level offices such as the Secretary of State. You can obtain an apostille by hiring a professional apostille service such as iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7, submitting your documents to these offices, either by mail or in person.

At iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7, we offer comprehensive apostille services to simplify this process for you. Visit our Apostille Services page for more information.

How to Obtain an Apostille

1. Verification of Document Eligibility: Determine whether the document is eligible for an apostille based on the laws of the issuing country and the requirements of the receiving country. Public documents that commonly require an apostille include birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, court orders, and notarized documents.

2. Submission of Documents: Submit the original document, along with any necessary supporting paperwork, to the appropriate authority designated to issue apostilles. This can often be done by mail or in person.

3. Apostille Issuance: Once the documents have been verified and authenticated, the issuing authority will affix an apostille to the document, certifying its authenticity and validity for use in foreign jurisdictions.


Obtaining an apostille is essential for international document recognition, simplifying the process for business, legal, and personal matters. Each state in the U.S. has designated offices to help you with this process, ensuring that your documents meet all necessary requirements for use abroad. For a hassle-free experience, consider using the services of iPride Notary and Apostille 24/7. We handle the entire apostille process for you, ensuring your documents are ready for international use. Visit our Apostille Services page for more information and to get started today.

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